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Undergraduate Studies

Undergraduate Studies

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Step 1: Admission

After the public call for enrollment of new students is being announced, you are welcome to submit documents as listed in public call.


  1. IUS Application Form (download here); 
  2. Original and certified copies of  high school diploma and high school grade reports;
  3. Birth certificate;
  4. Citizenship certificate;
  5. CIPS certificate;
  6. Medical report (not older than 6 months);
  7. 2 passport size photos;
  8. TOEFL or IELTS certificates (optional).


  1. IUS Application Form (download here ); 
  2. Original high school diploma with apostil stamp and original high school grade reports (with official translation to Bosnian); 
  3.  Decision on recognizing / equivalency of foreign diploma in Bosnia and Herzegovina;
  4. Passport copy not older than 5 years;
  5. National ID copy; 
  6. Criminal record from the country of origin (officially translated to Bosnian language); 
  7. Medical report (not older than 6 months);
  8. 4 passport size photos;
  9. TOEFL or IELTS results (optional).

 For Turkish students Valid Turkish Central Student Selection and Placement Exam (YGS) score or an adequate SAT score (sufficient for diploma accreditation in Turkey) is required. 


-          High school diplomahigh school grade reports, and Criminal records have to be translated by the official court translator to Bosnian language, if they are originally in some other language. Translated documents are to be submitted, together with all other documents, to IUS Student Affairs Office in Sarajevo (Hrasnička cesta 15, Ilidža), or in Istanbul (Feshane Cd. No. 21 Eyup, Istanbul), latest by the end of enrollment period (as announced in the Public Call) for the particular academic year 


-           Students cannot begin their study unless they prove their English Language Proficiency. If an applicant does not have TOEFL (paper based-minimum 500 points or internet based minimum 70 points) or IELTS (minimum 6 points) exam, he/she is obliged to take Placement and Proficiency tests at English Language School at University.


-          The enrollment procedure for students coming from visa regime countries starts earlier (app. beginning of July). Shall you need more information please do not hesitate to contact International Relations Office via e-mail:


 Step 2: Study Contract

The first step is to visit IUS Legal department and sign the study contract. When signing the first study contract, presence of both student and parent/caretaker is mandatory. Study contracts are signed for one Academic Year. Therefore, student’s duty is to renew their contracts every year.

Step 3: Student ID Card

Once you have completed previous steps, please visit Student Affairs Office (A building, G.24) to take your Student ID card and to get instructions how to access and use IUS Student Information System.

Step 4: Course / ELS Registration

If you passed English Language Proficiency Exam, you are obliged to register the courses for the coming semester. During this process, you will be provided with the assistance from Academic Advisor at your department. Course schedule will be available at IUS website.

If you did not pass English Language Proficiency Exam you are automatically registered to English Language School. Therefore, you need to visit English Language School administration, and find out your section and classroom.  



 If you are a citizen of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Slovenia, Kosovo or Serbia, you have a chance to receive a scholarship or discount on your tuition fees! 

Scholarship examination for students coming from above stated countries is being organized twice a year (March and May). The most successful students are offered with certain percentage of scholarship / discount on tuition fees (amounting from 10% to 100%). Scholarship exams are free of charge, and every student eligible to sit for it is more than welcome.



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