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Tuition Fees & Scholarships

Tuition Fees & Scholarships

English Language School (ELS)

International Students

Home Students (BiH Citizens)

Turkish Students (TR Citizens)

4,000.00 EURO

5,000.00 BAM

32,000.00 TL

  1. Includes the books for the  first four sessions.
  2. Excludes  fees for  educational materials, and any costs other than tuition and books after the first four sessions.
  3. ELS Summer session  fee is 600 Euros for all students.
    *The tuition fees are applicable only for new entry students in 2020/2021 academic year. All other students who have started their studies prior to 2020/2021 academic year will continue with the payment plan as specified in the study contracts.

IUS and its founder (Foundation for Education Development, Sarajevo) are proud to offer various scholarships and tuition waivers to successful young leaders, entrepreneurs, promising young academicians and artists, depending on availability on any given academic year.

Students from Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) and Balkan region

For information on this, please visit:

Students from Turkey

Turkish students apply for scholarships through YKS exams. For more information on scholarship opportunities from Turkey, please visit:

Students from all other countries

Candidates not from BiH OR Turkey can apply for scholarship amounts via online application form filled in during the application process, with proofs for any claim, via following link:

Click here for online application!

Once the form is filled and required documentation uploaded, the decision is taken by a Committee formed exclusively for these purposes.   

Scholarship Maintenance (for Bachelor)

Scholarships awarded for undergraduate degrees are assured for a period of five (5) years, regardless of students’ academic success. The exception from this rule are students on 100% scholarship, who must maintain minimum level of CGPA at 3.00. Once CGPA decreases below 3.00, scholarship is reduced to 75% and kept as such for the remaining period (defined above). If student did not manage to graduate within five years of full-time studying, his/her scholarship will settle on 50% until graduation (regardless of previously awarded percentage).

Tuition fees for master studies at International University of Sarajevo (IUS) are as follows:

Clinical Psychology Program    5000 euros
Genetics and Bioengineering Program    3500 euros
Business and Administration (MBA)    3500 euros
All other master programs    3000 euros

*The tuition fees are applicable only for new entry students in 2020/2021 academic year. All other students who have started their studies prior to 2020/2021 academic year will continue with the payment plan as specified in the study contracts.


Please write to Ms Merima Dlakic at or visit our Graduate Affairs Office in person for detailed information.


Click here for online application!

Kindly note: While the Master degree programs at IUS are 60 ECTS/1-year programs, accepted candidates have two years to complete the program in the following manner:
Year 1: Must complete all courses (This may also include the thesis since the program is intended to be completed in 1 year)
Year 2: If there are any courses left for Year 2, students will pay 400 Euro per course per semester. If only the thesis is left, no fee will be paid.
Year 3 and more: If there are still courses left, the same 400 Euro per course per semester fee applies.     If the student extends the thesis into the third year, they must pay 500 Euro per semester.


Tuition fee for PhD studies at International University of Sarajevo (IUS) is 7.500 EURO. While IUS follows a 3-year/180 ECTS PhD structure, students with valid excuses may extend their studies by one year with no extra tuition charge. After the 4th year, additional charges will occur.

*The tuition fees are applicable only for new entry students in 2020/2021 academic year. All other students who have started their studies prior to 2020/2021 academic year will continue with the payment plan as specified in the study contracts.

PhD study at IUS is originated as three (3) years program – 180 ECTS.

Click here for online application!


Sibling’s Discount :Students studying at IUS and having siblings studying in one of the institutions established by Foundation for Education Development, Sarajevo (with the exception of KidIUS) have the right to additional tuition waiver up to 10% (of total tuition fee). This is awarded to students with scholarships lower than 50%.

Students from Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnian students have two options for financing their studies at IUS:

Option 1: Payment of full tuition fee prior to the beginning of fall semester
If a student decides to pay full amount of yearly tuition fees before the beginning of fall semester in particular academic year, he/she is given additional 5% discount on his/her tuition fee price.

Option 2: Payment via student loan at Ziraatbank Bosnia
Students who decide to finance their studies at IUS via student loan available at Ziraatbank Bosnia should follow the subsequent steps:

  • Prior to study contract signing/renewal, prepare the documentation needed for loan application:
  • credit application form available in Ziraatbank (consisting of request and administrative ban verified in the institution where applicant realizes monthly income);
  • copy of ID card and certificate of residence (CIPS);
  • three latest payroll summaries;
  • copies of the last three bank statements (where applicant receives a salary);
  • JS310 form;
  • employment contract (for those employed in private sector).
  • After signing the study contract at IUS, student will submit above-mentioned documents together with the contract to any branch of Ziraatbank;
  • The maximum amount of loan is 80% of student's yearly tuition fee, as the remaining 20% must be paid by student to IUS during the study contract signing;
  • After the bank’s approval for loan, IUS is informed and the transaction is performed, by which student fulfilled his/her financial obligations towards IUS for particular academic year.

The deadline given for student loans applications is 5 working days from the study contract signing.

Students from Turkey

For detailed instructions, click on the link (

International students

Guidelines for international students:

  • Apply to IUS via
  • Once you are informed on the acceptance and scholarship results (if applicable), you are required to pay 50% of the defined tuition fee (reduced by scholarship amount) so that visa procedure can be initialized. The rest of tuition fees will be paid upon the arrival to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In the years to follow, students who are admitted via online application system will be asked to choose between:

  • Payment in two equal installments – each prior to course registration process in relevant semester, and
  • Full payment of annual tuition fees prior to the course registration in relevant semester having additional 5% discount.

Note: Students applying through consultancies/intermediaries should settle their payments according to relevant consultancy’s guidelines.

Payment within Bosnia and Herezegovina (BAM Account)

Reciever: Internacionalni univerzitet u Sarajevu / International University of Sarajevo
Bank account: 186-000-1011-8452-42 (KM)

International Payment (EURO ACCOUNT):

Receiver: International University of Sarajevo
Name and Address of the Bank: Ziraatbank BH d.d.
Address : Zmaja od Bosne 47c , 71000 Sarajevo Bosnia and Herzegovina
SWIFT Code of the Bank: TZBBBA22
IBAN CODE ( EUR ACCOUNT ) : BA39 186000-1611-8450-47

Please contact finance department for further information.

Important Note

When paying with bank transfer, the " Full Student’s Name" and "Student’s ID Number or citizen number" should definitely be written in the description section.

For international payments it is mandatory to use "OUR" option.