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Rector's Message

Rector's Message

Dear Students,

International University of Sarajevo, with its Ilıdza campus situated in Sarajevo – a city that has well preserved the historical identity of Bosnia and Herzegovina, a country that is itself a bridge between the East and the West, is an international higher education institution, embracing students from 50 different countries, including those from the Balkans and Turkey.

IUS, whose departments have entirely been recognised by YÖK (Higher Education Council of Turkey) was founded as the first international university, the first foundation university of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and it is now celebrating its 12th birthday. IUS, with its approximately 2000 students, growing and colourful academia, is a small but competent European University with its attractive national and international academic and social activities. At our vast campus in green Ilıdza, we present continuous education opportunities with our undergraduate and graduate programs, as well as with the programs designed within the lifelong learning ideal “IUSLife”. With its moderate fees, generous scholarships, and approach that rewards success, IUS is the shining star of the region.

Our university is progressing by forming harmonious and reliable relations with the region, and through strategies planned in accordance with missions and visions that prioritise academic, intellectual, social and cultural improvement of the region. By embracing mutual cooperation with universities in the region and around the world, we present a peaceful, comfortable and learning-centred academic environment for our students. We are working as an “extended family” in order to educate independent young people with wide vision who are open to collaboration, participation, change and improvement.

Our values are : to respect diversity, to be fair, reliable, conciliatory, consistent, open to participation, to have social responsibility, dedication to continuous improvement and to generate value to society. IUS, as an international institution of research and higher education, is open to international cooperation. We have been aiming at becoming a university that prioritizes education to encourage production in science and technology, culture, social life and arts. In accordance with this aim, International University of Sarajevo with its 21 departments in its 5 faculties – Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Faculty of Business and Administration, Faculty of Law, and Faculty of Education – is educating its students for careers and life.

IUS, whose infrastructure and laboratories investments were completed by the help of its generous foundation during last years, will be growing further with new improvements.

To our valuable students, we present an environment that provides your academic, professional, social, cultural and sportive progress. Our university, while providing its students with a quality higher education, is also a regional centre of attraction as a competent academic platform for scholars and administrative personnel who wish to work at an international environment.

You, too, are cordially invited to be with us within this multi-cultural and active structure of IUS. We promise to make a positive change in your future.

Prof. Dr. Ahmet Yıldırım, Rector