If you wish to take a part in the scientific program, please submit your poster abstract to bioethics@ius.edu.ba.

Please, state your interest if you would like to present your abstract orally. Scientific committee will select limited number of abstracts for the mini-lectures session. The authors whose abstracts are selected for the oral presentation will be contacted by the organizers.

Instructions for the Abstract Submission:

  1. Title: Your abstract title must not exceed 200 characters, and must be written in ’Sentence form’. No abbreviations are allowed in the title.
  2. Authors and Institutions: Add full names of authors and their affiliations. Please, underline the name of the presenting author.
  3. Abstract Body:
    • Abstract text should consist of the following sections: Introduction; Materials and Methods; Results; Discussion and Conclusion. Section titles should not appear in the text but the abstract must follow this content and order. Please make sure to start a new paragraph for each section.
    • Your abstract body can have a maximum of 2000 characters (with spaces).
    • Abstracts should be written in ‘Sentence form’.
    • Use standard abbreviations for units of measure; other abbreviations should be spelled out in full at first mention, followed by the abbreviation in parenthesis (exceptions: RNA, DNA, etc.).
    • Tables, charts or other figures are not permitted.
    • Do not include any reference citations, funding information, keywords, or commercial advertising.
  4. Please proofread your work carefully before submission and ensure all submission details are correct. Abstracts will not be copyedited.
  5. Bellow abstract body, please state your interest if you would like to present your abstract orally. Otherwise, your abstracts will be scheduled for the poster presentations.
  6. Submit your abstract to: bioethics@ius.edu.ba
  7. The late abstract submission is until October 15, 2016.