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Architecture Laboratory

Architecture Laboratory

At present, the Architecture Program provides three large design studios for the students which will be used as both teaching and individual work spaces, with each student having 24-hour access to the studios. Also there is a student dedicated room where they can draw, make models and learn together.

Design studio 

The University’s book collection has more than 5.000 books and is constantly growing as the process of acquiring new books continues. Recently, the International University of Sarajevo and the National and University Library of Bosnia and Herzegovina had an agreement that allows the students and staff to share the resources. In addition, there is a specialist Architecture Reference Books Library located adjacent to the design studios. This preliminary library has over a 500 Architectural Reference Books at present.

The Faculty provides students with 24-hour access to a number of PC platform computer laboratories that are used for teaching as well as individual work and research. The computer laboratories are equipped with the latest technological devices and design software (including AutoCAD, ArchiCAD, Google Sketch-up, AdobeCS5 applications and Rhinoceros) which is used worldwide. Printing facilities attached to the design studios also include standard laser printers as well as large format colour and plotter printers for AO+ sized printing.

Modelling Lab 

IUS has also recently built a full-scale Architectural Model Lab for digital design and fabrication. The lab comprises the latest equipments and tools such as a laser cutter, CNC milling machine, drills and several other tools for model making.